Saturday, February 9, 2008

2 Weeks...

We've been parents now for 2 weeks... what an adventure it has been! Through late nights, early mornings, and somewhere in between we've been on quite the ride. Our little Hannah has also been through a lot as well. Within the first few days she started to become yellow with Jaundice and lost a little bit of weight. We took our little yellow "Simpson Baby" in for tests and more tests and finally her Billirubin level fell and now she looks somewhat (she still has her dad's nose) normal. We've taken plenty of pictures, too many to even share on this little blog so we've given you a link to direct you to our online family photo albums. (see below)
Chelsey loves being a mother, even with the late nights, the remaining pain from labor, and her stunningly handsome but somewhat annoying husband all working their toll on her psyche she smiles and sings and troops on as all great mother do.
Dave is still alive.
We again thank our family and friends for all of their help, prayers, and support. We love you...

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