Thursday, April 10, 2008

Miraculous Event!!!

Wow... It certainly is a miracle to have blogged twice in a week. Everybody is doing great! We love our little baby girl. She's doing really well and growing up big and strong. In my last blog I mentioned that Chelsey went back to work last week. She's doing awesome!! Understandably, that would take a little getting used to after being at home for so long with our little girl. We are certainly proud of Chelsey!

I most definetly don't have a whole lot to blog about tonight, but I thought I get online and get used to blogging just a little bit more often. Remember to check out our online photo albums at Much Love, Chelsey, Dave, and Hannah

PS Feel free to leave us sweet comments!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The masses have spoken, and rebel...

Well, we have received numerous requests and dropped hints demanding that this blog be updated once again. I'm actually flattered to think that so many people want to read and do read this little piece online literature. Then I think that it's not the words that they crave. Though often witty and fun, the words are merely a background to... the pictures. Yes, I know that it is those images of our sweet little baby daughter, Hannah, that have the masses thronging through their Internet connections to this blog. I hope to think that my words are read or at least glanced at in all the commotion to see how big she's gotten or how cute she is.

She does continue you to grow and she is even a little cuter (if it's possible). There isn't a day that passes when Chelsey and I will lean over our little girl and act like complete idiots making obnoxious noises and weird faces trying to draw even the smallest hint of a smile (or what might just be gas) out of our sweet Hannah. All parents know that the smile of a 2 month old is one of the most elusive objects to catch with your camera. We have had our share of attempts and we think that we've come up with some pretty good shots.

I think that you will see a lot more blog updates and pictures in the weeks to come. I will be home more and will be able to sit down for a brief period during the day while I'm tending Hannah. This is all made possible by my wife. Last week, Chelsey went back to work. That day arrived a little earlier than anticipated but then so did Hannah. We are so proud of Chelsey and grateful for all that she continues to do to care for Hannah. We love Chelsey very much. Dad will work nights and be able to be home during the days with his little girl. He's really excited.

As always a complete collection of all of our pictures of Hannah can be found at our online photo album: but here is a preview. With Love, Chelsey, Dave, and Hannah