Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A New Addition

It's official, Dave is pregnant... Just kidding. It's Chelsey that's the one with child. She lost the Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament that was held to determine who out of the two of us would carry the new addition... That's not how it really happened, but wouldn't that be funny? We've known for a few weeks now that our family would be growing, but we wanted to make sure that everything was going fine and dandy before we let everybody know. Chelsey's had her first Ultrasound and these are the pictures that were taken.

This first picture is of the baby's heartbeat...

Here you can actually see the little one ( if you squint and kind of cross your eyes it looks like Dave)

We appreciate all those that have been a help and support to us as we begin this adventure.
Thanks for dropping by,
Dave and Chels

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